Brain IntelligenceIn 1996, John Keating wrote a book titled Two Billion Armpits: How Experts Sell China What It Really Wants, referring to the size of the consumer goods market in China. Texas-based Sands Research is writing a new chapter that might be titled 1.3 Billion Brains. Most neuromarketing studies have taken place in the US and Europe, but the El Paso firm has formed a partnership with Brain Intelligence Neuro-Consultancy Ltd. (BI), the first Chinese neuromarketing firm.

From the Brain Intelligence website:

The small dedicated team of highly skilled professionals is able to deliver innovative and tailored marketing solutions to demanding clients who want an objective insight into the decision making process of their consumers. We take the newest scientific findings and operationalize them in our research design and conduct. We apply advanced Neuromarketing techniques including: brain imaging (fMRI, EEG, EEG) and Eye Tracking. The use of state of the art equipment, scientific knowledge and the input of Peking University academic advisers guarantee solid and trustworthy results. We provide an unique service, something otherwise not available on the Chinese market.

Brain Intelligence’s CEO is Ruihong Tang. The Sands Research press release is here.