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Usability, neuroscience, identity and brand positioning.
The native integration of TSW’s expertise guarantees comprehension of user behaviour throughout the entire customer journey.

The main objectives of the marketing manager, head of communication or IT manager include: making things work and attaining results. We firmly believe that, in order to achieve these goals, it is essential to understand people’s experience in using the products and services developed by companies. Our task is therefore three-fold:

  • Explore the relationship between people and the products and services they use
  • Identify any problems and solve them
  • Constantly improve the experience and results

We collect and analyze brain activity, eye movements, skin conductance, and other biometric signals to understand and improve people’s experiences.

With the aim of objectively evaluating what people are experiencing when interacting with brands, products, and services, we combine several methodologies coming from behavioral sciences, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience with medical-derived technologies.

We employ devices and software enabling us to detect and collect several parameters coming from the brain, eyes, nervous system, and connective tissue as well, which are strongly associated with the cognitive and emotional states of the people.

These data, together with other qualitative (e.g. interviews, surveys) and quantitative information (e.g. analytics) collected during our tests, provide us with enough elements for evaluating the quality of the experience and its effects in terms of pleasantness, attention, and engagement.

To make it real, we employ cutting-edge technology which allows us to collect data in a reliable and accurate way, and turn it into simple and exhaustive indicators related to the psychophysiological state of people during their interaction with physical or digital interfaces.

Some of our technological partners: SMI, Tobii, EMOTIV, ProComp, Empatica.

Services/Technologies Offered
Consulting, EEG, Eye Tracking, Implicit

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