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Media Coverage – Roger Dooley & Brainfluence

The Guardian – How far is too far when it comes to advertising to children? by Martin Wright (September 16, 2015)

The Christian Science Monitor – Why do we love grumpy animal memes? Science explains by Lisa Suhay (July 30, 2015)

The Next Web – The Power of Free by Ali Abdullah (July 11, 2015)

The Christian Science Monitor – ‘Inside Out’: Disney film based on science of facial expressions by Husna Haq (June 18, 2015)

Entrepreneur – 3 Great Ways to Create an Emotional Bond with Customers by Jesse Torres (February 23, 2015)

Kiplinger – Mannequin Eye Contact and Other Ways Retailers Get You to Spend More by Anne Kates Smith (December 15, 2014)

The Christian Science Monitor – The color red leads to higher eBay bids, and other ways retailers trick your senses by Lou Carlozo (December 9, 2014)

CNBC – Closing Bell Segment on Holiday Shopping (December 2, 2014) Australia –  The marketing tricks developed through brain science that make you spend more money by Wenlei Ma (July 31, 2014)

Smart Company – Brain gain: How neuroscience can improve your business marketing today by Eloise Keating (July 28, 2014)

Adweek – How Package Designers Use Science to Influence Your Subconscious Mind: Neuro-marketing triggers emotions, not reason by Noreen O’Leary (June 17, 2014)

The Rise to the Top – Brainfluence: How to Tap into Your Customer’s Unconscious Thoughts (Interview with David Garland, May 9, 2012)

Inc. – Psych! 5 Brain Tricks to Make Customers Buy by Caitlin Berens (March 14, 2012)

Want to increase your revenue? It’s time to get smarter about how your customers’ minds really work, suggests a new book.

Webmaster Radio – The Irrational Brain with Roger Dooley (Interviewed by Tim Ash, January 30, 2012)