Sands Research

Name: Sands Research


Sands Research
612 N. Resler Drive
El Paso, TX 79912

Phone: 1.888.267.6087


Chairman: Stephen F. Sands, Ph.D.- Chairman and Chief Science Officer
CEO: Ron Wright – President/CEO

About Sands Research:

Launched in 2008, Sands Research Inc., is a continuation of the successful track record of co-founders Dr. Stephen Sands and Mr. Ron Wright. Their first company, Neuroscan Inc., became the largest supplier of EEG equipment and software to the neurological research market, with over 3,000 laboratories utilizing their products worldwide. After the sale of Neuroscan, Dr. Sands and his research team initiated years of research and development into the brain’s response to advertising. The result is Sands Research Inc. patent pending software (Neuromedia™) that analyzes and scores media by a target subject group’s engagement (The Sands Research Neuro Engagement Score™ or NES).

SRI internally manufacturers the equipment, caps and supplies used in its neuromarketing services. The Company’s Electrode Arrays Division ( also sells its products to leading university and national research institutes around the world.

Sands Research Inc. is recognized as one of the leading providers and innovators in the growing field of neuromarketing services. The Company has offices, labs and partners around the world and offers a unique service to its clients and the advertising community. [From]

Neuromarketing Technologies Employed: EEG, eye tracking, biometrics