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“Roger’s workshop exceeded my wildest expectations. He kept the team interested and engaged, and they left inspired to take action.”
Garry Sinclair, CEO BTC Bahamas & VP Northern Cluster at Cable & Wireless Communications

Why a virtual keynote or remote workshop? When you can’t travel, virtual training is the best option. Whether your goal is how to increase sales with neuromarketing, how to merge customer and employee experience, or one of Roger Dooley’s other specialties, he can offer a live or prerecorded session.

Here’s an example of how Roger’s live and recorded virtual keynotes and training can duplicate an in-person experience:

Roger’s in-person presentations are packed with images to hold attention, boost energy, and increase recall of important points. His virtual training and keynotes can do the same.

Customized for you. Every virtual keynote and all remote training is tailored to the exact needs of your audience or team. Roger draws on the ideas in his best-selling Brainfluence  (now in eleven languages) and Friction (Best Business Books of 2019, strategy+business), and 1200+ articles at Forbes, Neuromarketing, Entrepreneur, LinkedIn, etc.

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Roger’s virtual workshop can be summed up as ‘mind-blowing’. The audience’s reactions were as positive as ours: “Amazing!” “After the workshop I am seeing the world around me in a new light!” “So many light bulb moments!”
Christine Michaelis, Vice-President European Startup Association

virtual training and workshops