HCD Research

HCD ResearchName: HCD Research

Website: hcdi.net

HCD Research, Inc.
260 U.S. Highway 202/31 Suite 1000
Flemington, NJ 08822

Phone: 908-788-9393
Fax: 908-788-7179
Email: info@hcdi.net

President and CEO: Glenn R. Kessler
Consulting Director, Advertising Research Services: Arthur J. Kover, Ph.D.

About HCD Research:

HCD Research provides leading-edge marketing and communications research services that allow clients to make better informed decisions in a more timely fashion… Recently, HCD Research formed an alliance with the Missouri School of Journalism to conduct research studies using a communication science approach that combines biometric measures and eye-tracking technology to provide deeper insights into consumer preferences for online media and brand messaging.

The approach is grounded in a holistic, science-based methodology that is currently missing in virtually all neuromarketing models. By combining scientific knowledge of how the brain processes media with expertise in applying biometric, survey and behavioral data, HCD Research helps clients solve complex communication challenges. [From HCD website.]

Neuromarketing Technologies Employed: Biometrics, eye-tracking