Mindlab International

Name: Mindlab International Ltd
Website: www.themindlab.co.uk

Mindlab International Ltd
Sussex Innovation Centre,
University of Sussex,
Science Park Square, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9SB.

Phone: +44 1273 704507

Email: mail@themindlab.co.uk

Managing Director: Duncan Smith

About Mindlab International:

Mindlab International is a UK based research company specialising in the testing of implicit, non-conscious decision making. Their techniques delve into these subconscious processes; measuring people’s emotions, motivations, behaviour and attitudes to check the real impact of communications. To understand what people really think then you need to go further than just asking them. This is because our decisions are heavily influenced by factors outside of our conscious awareness.

Mindlab doesn’t just ask people what they think, they quantify how people feel. This is done using both lab based and scalable scientifically validated on-line tools to help better understand the consumer decision making journey.

Tootsuite is their cloud-based virtual lab utilising tools that are established on principles drawn from the academic disciplines of psychology and neuroscience. Tootsuite offers detailed, accurate and reliable insight into people’s non-conscious, emotion based, decision making. This is important because emotions power everyone’s decision making. Tootsuite is a cost effective, global this at a cost in line with other traditional market research approaches.

Mindlab works with clients such as Innocent drinks, Lloyds bank and LV=.com to provide killer insights that you don’t get from just asking people. [From Mindlab International.]

Neuromarketing Technologies Employed: Online Neuromarketing, Implicit measures including Implicit Association testing (IAT), EEG, eye tracking, biometrics.