Name: Mindsign Neuromarketing

Website: http://mindsignonline.com/

Email: info@mindsignonline.com

MindSign Neuromarketing
10065 Old Grove Rd., Ste. 103
San Diego, CA 92131

Phone: 858-444-3597

About Mindsign:

At MindSign Neuromarketing™ we use the only free-standing independent functional MRI facility and our own brain activation methodology to show you what your consumers are thinking while using your products, and seeing your ads. Then with our database of consumer brain responses, we can show you how your product compares to similar products over different demographic groups. From the decision to send your product to market, to what marketing materials will help sell your product, MindSign can show you what’s good before your final investments are made.

You will be able to help your company market your product more efficiently by targeting the areas of the brain that will produce the desired response in the demographic group you target. You will be able to redesign products that aren’t working by market testing them on the human brain in real-time. And in the end, your ads and products will penetrate the cluttered marketplace because you know how to affect the consumer’s mind, and your competitors don’t.

At MindSign Neuromarketing™ we use our brain response technology to provide our clients in the advertising, entertainment, political, and software industries with data revealing what their target consumer is thinking while using their product, and seeing their ads. We keep an updated database of consumer brain responses, allowing us to see how our customer’s product rates amongst similar products over different demographics. All this is done with far greater detail and accuracy than any traditional focus group or market research company. We deliver these results to our clients faster and at a lower price than any other company of its kind, and with confidentiality as a top priority. Most of all, it is our mission to give our clients the giant leap forward into the future of consumer market research, years ahead of the competition. [From Mindsign.com.]

Neuromarketing Technologies Used: fMRI