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About MSW/Lab:

MSW and LABoratory & Co. have joined forces, bringing advertisers the first integrated set of tools to gauge the full spectrum of consumer response to advertising. Merging MSW’s marketplace, sales validated cognitive response metrics with LAB’s unconscious emotional response biometrics provides advertisers insight to the long-term equity of their brand and the short-term reaction to advertising. LABoratory & Co., a global leader in biometric communications measurement, brings decades of experience using EEG, EMG and GSR to the advertising theatre in their patented NEURO TRACE™ method. MSW is the acknowledged leader in sales validated advertising research, has recently been rated NUMBER ONE for the fourth year in a row – by a large margin – for analytical skills, communication skills, and value-for-the-money by Inside Research’s Annual Market Research Survey of Supplier Quality and Value. The integration of LAB’s NEURO TRACE method with MSW’s gold standard TouchPointTM system ensures that clients will have the measures that matter to find emotional relevance and engage consumers in a way that ultimately drives sales in todays cluttered media landscape. [From]

Neuromarketing Technologies Employed: Facial EMG, EEG