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“Roger was an absolutely fantastic keynote speaker for our conference and provided the audience with excellent insights and creative thinking… Roger received exceptional feedback from the audience on his presentation with people describing it as “inspiring”, “exciting” and “a highlight of my day”. I would highly recommend Roger as a keynote speaker for any event.”
Amelia Gardner
General Manager – Events
ADMA, Sydney

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Roger Dooley is one of the world’s most recognized experts in the field of applying neuroscience, behavioral science, and related disciplines to marketing, sales, and customer experience. He is the author of Brainfluence (Wiley), a pioneering collection of practical marketing strategies based on neuroscience and behavioral science. Roger’s latest book, Friction (McGraw Hill), was named one of the Best 3 Management Books of 2019 by strategy+business. He writes at Forbes and publishes the popular blog Neuromarketing. His weekly podcast, Brainfluence, has passed the 300-episode mark and has featured conversations with thought leaders and authors like Guy Kawasaki, Tom Peters, Robert Cialdini, Alan Alda, and Dan Pink.

Keynotes and Workshops

Roger has delivered keynotes and conducted workshops at conferences, corporations, and universities around the world:

Roger Dooley Speaking Engagements

FOREVER LOYAL. With the release of his most recent book FRICTION, Roger has introduced new content guaranteed to inspire your conference audience or internal team. Inquire for more info on how he can help help your team improve both customer experience and employee engagement, with the ultimate result of high levels of customer and team loyalty. For more on this topic, see Customer Experience Keynote Speakers.


Heroic Public Speaking - Grad AlumA typical keynote is 45 to 60 minutes and is prepared specifically for the group to be addressed. Excellent visuals are used to engage (and occasionally amuse) the audience and underscore key points.

While many engagements are private events, conferences that are open to additional attendees can be exposed to Roger’s 50,000+ audience of subscribers and fans.

Roger did a stellar job introducing our audience to the fascinating field of neuromarketing. He obviously knows his stuff and struck a perfect balance by making the topic interesting and accessible without sacrificing any credibility. He takes a very pragmatic approach to a topic that’s all-to-often over-hyped and sensationalized. I would highly recommend both the topic and the speaker for any conference or event touching on the intersection of science and marketing.
Gord Hotchkiss, Programming Chair – Search Insider Summit

Workshops and briefings

To take the ideas from a keynote and put them into practice takes more time and interaction. Roger also offers workshops and executive briefings for smaller groups. These are customized for your needs and priorities. All workshops are based on science and research, but are focused on highly practical problem solving and behavior change. Common themes include:

  • Increasing customer acquisition and loyalty by non-conscious marketing techniques.
  • Taking the friction out of your customer experience to build true and lasting loyalty.
  • Improving employee engagement by process simplification and minimizing friction.

Roger also offers completely personalized one-to-one briefing and coaching sessions.

For details on how Roger Dooley can inform and entertain your audience , please email rogerd /at/ dooleydirect.com, call 512-607-6368, or click the link below.

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He’s engaging and always presents some of the most interesting and out-of-the-box material I have heard in the web marketing space. As a speaker, author and friend, Roger is top notch.
Laura Alter, Austin SEO Meetup