True Impact Marketing

Name: True Impact Marketing Inc.


True Impact Marketing
579A Lakeshore Rd E., P.O. Box 39535
Mississauga ON L5G 4S6

Phone: +1 (647) 558-5243

Founder, CEO: Diana Lucaci

About True Impact Marketing:

True Impact Marketing provides Neuroscience solutions to Marketing challenges. We enable Marketers, Advertisers or Market Researchers to gain a deep understanding of customer preferences. Using primarily Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) coupled with Eye-Tracking and Biometric technologies, we get to the core of the decision making process and answer questions like “Will customers remember this ad?” or “Have we captured attention and enticed the viewer?”.

What makes True Impact unique is the ability to bridge the academic and business communities, and ensure high quality research resulting in actionable Marketing insights. As our name implies, we’re focused on delivering objective and implicit neural measurements, followed by clear business recommendations for the existing or future advertising campaigns. This way, our clients can be certain that each campaign will have a positive impact on the decision-making areas of the brain.

Neuromarketing is the complement to traditional market research like surveys and focus groups, and the answer to creating better marketing campaigns that resonate with your customer, and ultimately drive bottom-line growth. [Provided by Company]

Neuromarketing Technologies Employed: fMRI, Eye tracking, Biometrics