Brain Intelligence

Brain IntelligenceName: Brain Intelligence Neuro-Consultancy Ltd.


Brain Intelligence Neuro-Consultancy Ltd.
Suite 1010, West Tower, Van Palace, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Phone: +86(10)-65020087


CEO: Ruihong Tang, CEO

About Brain Intelligence:

Brain Intelligence Neuro-Consultancy a neuromarketing company, the first of its kind based in Beijing, China. The company provides marketers with a window into the mind of the consumer with a scientifically evidenced, quantitatively based means of evaluating emotional feedback and cognitive engagement in response to all forms of marketing stimuli. Examples of these are: the evaluation of communications (TV advertising, print, web), innovation (product, concepts, packaging) and the shopper experience (both in-store and virtual). Our real forte, however, is web usability – i.e. increasing conversion rates – and online advertising – i.e. increasing digital media ROI. [From]

Neuromarketing Technologies Employed: EEG, eye tracking, biometrics