Neuro-Loyalty: New Speaker Reel For Roger Dooley


Every speaker needs a short video, a.k.a. a speaker reel, that highlights their style and content. I’ve just launched a new one that focuses on my Neuro-Loyalty topic. While each speech is customized for the audience – auto executives don’t have the same needs as fintech marketers, for example – there is a common theme. The content draws on the ideas in my award-winning book Friction and on fundamental principles of behavior design. The goal is to give audiences a practical approach to increasing customer loyalty and boosting employee engagement. Those two things are connected – you’ll never deliver exceptional customer experience if your people don’t care or, worse, are looking for the exit. This speaker reel provides a glimpse of the ideas along with what event organizers have thought about Roger’s keynotes.

Here’s the video:

I’ve delivered versions of this keynote globally to audiences ranging from senior auto executives to bankers, from eCommerce marketers to B2B leaders. Everyone leaves not only with new ideas about loyalty but specific action steps to start making progress. If you are looking for a customer experience keynote speaker that will you both attract and keep profitable customers and great team members, this is for you!

Neuromarketing 2.0

In preparing this speaker reel, I was initially undecided about the content. My other popular topic is Neuromarketing 2.0. In this speech, I show how neuromarketing has changed today. It’s no longer just for big brands studying expensive campaigns. Now, the tools are affordable enough for any size company or agency to use. And, these new tools can be used even to answer small questions, like which image works best on a web page. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key part of this revolution. It’s making the tools better and, in some cases, replacing the need for human subjects. The audience for this talk includes brand marketers, digital marketers, marketing agencies, and more.

I opted to not try to cram examples of this content into my speaker reel. I also didn’t want to make the video any longer – even three minutes is on the longer side for this type of reel. The overall style is the same – lots of visuals, engaging examples, and concrete takeaways. If you need examples, just let me know!

For details on how Roger Dooley can inform and entertain your audience as a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator, please email rogerd /at/, call 512-607-6368, or click the link below.

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