Name: EmSense

Website: www.emsense.com

150 Spear Street #200
San Francisco, CA 94105

Phone: 866.574.7014

Email: Info@EmSense.com

CEO: Keith Winter – President & Chief Executive Officer

About Emsense:

Our partnerships allow our clients to utilize “Best in Class” products that combine our bio-sensory technology and analytics with established products from premier market research firms, including Millward Brown, GfK, SymphonyIRI, Red Dot Square, Dynamic Logic, and Perception Research Services.

Our products apply neuroscience and other bio-sensory measures according to standard market research practices. By measuring the visceral, spontaneous bio-sensory response to advertising, packaging, online, and in-store experiences, our products help marketers and advertisers understand their customer better. Unlike other bio-sensory methodologies, through our proprietary EmBand™ hardware, we’ve maintained the same robust, multi-market, large-scale sample sizes that clients expect and demand from quantitative research. Also, unlike other bio-sensory methods, the unobtrusive nature of the EmBand™ hardware ensures proper data collection and does not interfere with the test process

For the first time, marketers and market researchers can gain direct access to consumers’ Cognitive Engagement and Emotional Responses to advertising, concepts, packaging, in-store and online marketing. This is made possible through the EmSense neuromeasurement devices, the first ever scalable, non-invasive physiological and brainwave measurement technology – made specifically for market research. [From Emsense.com.]

Neuromarketing Technologies Employed: EEG