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Hi! Welcome to Neurofied!

The Applied Neuromarketing Academy for marketers and growth hackers.

Our understanding of our brain & behaviour is growing rapidly. For marketers, whose role is to persuade others to try or buy, it’s essential to understand how they think. It’s not about you selling, it’s about people buying. the why behind the buy.

We teach you the insights, tools, and process to start changing consumer behaviour with applied neuropsychology. Learn how our brain processes information, how cognitive biases mess with our rational decisions, and how emotions drive behavioural action.

Neuromarketing combines brain science, psychology, and marketing to understand why and how people buy. Buying is a decision we make, often subconsciously, and our brains are more similar than most think. Understanding the brain then, allows you to persuade buyers.

Get started in our 1-day Neuromarketing Crash Course! Learn everything you need to know in one day to start guiding consumer behaviour. Or simply start by reading our blog!

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