I was surprised to hear that Google is killing off Google Reader. I’ve been a sporadic user for years, and I know many people still rely on RSS feeds to keep up with multiple blogs and other sites. At the same time, I suppose I fall into the “declining use” category mentioned by Google. With so many places for news and content discovery, I rely on Reader less than in the past.

Still, of Neuromarketing‘s 25K+ readers, two thirds are RSS subscribers. I have to believe that a significant number of these subscribers may be affected by Google’s decision.

Benefits of Email Subscription

If you are an RSS subscriber (or don’t subscribe at all!), now would be a good time to subscribe by email. I generally send a notice out just once a week, and the note in your inbox will ensure you don’t miss any posts. (I know I’ve got so many feeds in my reader that I often just scan the most recent updates.)

To summarize, email subscribers get these benefits:

  • Updates about once a week. Rarely twice. Never more.
  • No new content, no email.
  • Non-post emails are very rare. Probably one in the last six months.
  • No deluge of webinar invites, affiliate offers, paid product deals, etc. I rarely do anything like this, and if I do it is worth a look.
  • Totally FREE!

Don’t miss new Neuromarketing features – subscribe!

And, as for Google Reader, do you use it? Have you found a good substitute? Leave a comment with your thoughts – lots of people will be looking for a solution in the coming months!