Free Website Heat Map

Last week at Pubcon, I had the honor of sharing a “mini-keynote” session with landing page guru Tim Ash of SiteTuners. Tim mentioned an interesting heat map simulation tool from his company, AttentionWizard. […]

By |November 16th, 2010|

Free Web Page Heat Maps?

The common belief is that neuromarketing is trying to find the mythical “buy button” in the brain. If you are an ecommerce web designer, though, the “buy button” is one thing you want to be sure your visitors can find very easily! One of the more reliable techniques for web designers has been using eye-tracking to generate visual attention “heat maps” like those created by my fellow Pubcon speaker Gordon Hotchkiss at Enquiro Research. The only problem with eye-tracking is that it takes specialized equipment and expertise, and hence may not be affordable for many websites. Wouldn’t it be great if the process could be automated, and performed for free on any web page? It sounds outlandish, but there’s a website that makes this claim. […]

By |March 7th, 2008|