Go Viral, the Neuro Way

Much of the content on the web is created by users (“user generated content,” or “UGC”), but only a small amount of that is actually interesting enough to generate substantial interest or “go viral.” A new study by OTOInsights, a division of One to One Interactive, looks at user-created videos and flash animation from a neuromarketing standpoint. Specifically, the researchers used biometric measures to gauge the emotional engagement of viewers and then compared their data to actual ratings of the content as shown in the above chart. They came up with several major findings: […]

By |December 1st, 2009|

One to One Interactive Launching Neuromarketing Research Division

Diversified marketing firm One to One Interactive announced a new neuromarketing division called OTOinsights.
This business unit will focus on the emerging discipline of neuromarketing and will offer a collection of both primary and secondary research to brands, agencies, and publishers. Initial OTOinsights products include: Quantemo, a neuromarketing research lab; t=zero, a secondary research offering that provides clients with timely critical analysis and insights about emerging digital platforms; and RedOktober, a trend-spotting service.

By |November 15th, 2007|