Finally: 2012 Super Bowl Ad Neuro-Rankings

Every year, we look forward to how the Super Bowl ads stacked up from a neuromarketing standpoint, courtesy of Sands Research. It’s taken a little longer this year, but the results are in! […]

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Market Research: The Real Thing

A wise old direct marketer once told me, “Never carry a product with colors and sizes.” The root of this advice, of course, is the complexity and inventory that comes with those product characteristics. A single product can morph into dozens of individual SKUs. Soft drink makers have a little of the same problem. Introduce a product, and some people will want a diet version of it. Some consumers may want it with caffeine, others without. Some prefer cans, other various sizes of bottles. Somewhere in Coke headquarters in Atlanta, there’s an accountant who groans every time a product manager comes up with a new idea, like “Caribbean Coke, with natural pineapple and coconut flavors.” (I just made that up. And remember, you saw it here first.)

Coca-Cola has found one way to solve the product proliferation problem and conduct real-time market research too, by introducing Coca-Cola Freestyle: […]

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Complete Neuro-Ranking of 2008 Super Bowl Ads

Yesterday, I commented on Advertising Age’s 2008 Super Bowl ad coverage that included neuromarketing firm Sands Research and their EEG-based ad analysis (see Your Brain on Super Bowl Ads.) Sands has actually published a ranking of every single 2008 Super Bowl commercial based on the cumulative level of brain activation by each ad as measured by their EEG equipment. The ads which scored the highest and lowest are: […]

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