Study: Brain Games Give Cognitive Boost

At last, there is scientific proof that it’s possible to boost generalized cognitive performance with specific training, in this case web-based brain games.

For years, we’ve heard first that we should keep sharp by doing crossword puzzles or similar brain-challenging […]

By |August 10th, 2011|

Another Puzzle Billboard

After I finished my last post, Puzzling Billboards, I ran across what might be an even better example of a billboard that cleverly invokes the “aha!” phenomenon and possibly the neuromarketing reward mechanism I described in Marketing to the Infovore. While I didn’t have my camera handy as I zoomed by it, the concept of the billboard was simple enough to reproduce here: […]

By |March 27th, 2009|

Puzzling Billboards

In past posts like Puzzles Boost Brand Recognition and Marketing to the Infovore, I discussed how letting a viewer solve a little puzzle might provide a little reward in the brain and help the viewer remember the product or the brand. My post about Schick’s shrubbery trimmer got me thinking about puzzle marketing again, and brought to mind what would seem to be the most unlikely venue for confronting a customer with a puzzle: billboards.

The classic advice for billboard design is to keep it minimal. As drivers flash by in their cars, they don’t have time to read text, and, of course, the more text you put on the billboard the smaller the type size must be. The idea of incorporating enough of a puzzle to produce any kind of “aha!” reaction seems outlandish. But is it? Check out these billboards I spotted in Indiana recently: […]

By |March 24th, 2009|

Puzzles Boost Brand Recognition

The Revelation Effect. If you’ve ever solved word puzzles, such as anagrams in which one must unscramble letters to form a word, you’ve probably experienced the little “aha!” rush when you solve one. An interesting article in […]

By |July 27th, 2006|