Holy Branding! Religion Gives Brand Immunity

Most marketers don’t count religious affiliation or degree of religiosity as key demographics, but a new study suggests perhaps they should. Makers of branded “self expression” items (such as logo apparel or designer sunglasses) in particular may find […]

By |September 28th, 2010|

Signs and Sales DO Work

What do you get when you wire up a shopper with an EEG cap and eye-tracking gear? An “inside” view of how that shopper reacts to visual stimuli while shopping. Interestingly, all of those “Buy One, Get One Free!” and “SALE!” signs in your grocery store actually DO get your brain to light up. Here’s Today Show video and commentary from Buyology author Martin Lindstrom exposing some of the ways stores attract your brain’s attention and ultimately get you to put more stuff in your shopping cart: […]

By |March 6th, 2009|

Where NOT to Sell to Retail Customers

If you want to be sure to make a great impression on your retail store customers and let them know about today’s great bargains, where should you make your pitch? Just as they enter your store would at first glance seem to be the optimal place. After all, you’re guaranteed to catch 100% of the incoming shoppers, and they are no doubt looking for some guidance, right? And, if you were welcoming someone to your house, you’d do it as they crossed the threshold, so why not do the same in a retail store? […]

By |February 10th, 2009|

Product Contagion

I recall the first mega-store that opened locally – it happened to be a Meijer store, though now Super Wal-Marts, Super Targets, and other stores that sell everything are common. It was interesting to watch what other shoppers had in their carts as they checked out – a gallon of milk, a floor mop, khaki slacks, and a chainsaw… one could start a creative writing contest in which entrants had to write a story based on shopping carts full of disparate items. As it turns out, there’s a downside to at least some of those weird product juxtapositions. New research shows that products that trigger subconscious feelings of disgust can “contaminate” consumer perceptions of other products. […]

By |May 24th, 2007|