Playboy Bunnies as Social Proof?

One of the benefits of presenting at conferences is that you get to meet interesting people you might not otherwise encounter. One such individual at the Slovenian Advertising Festival was Jan Heemskerk, Netherlands-based editor of Playboy. His presentation showed how Playboy had created advertorial sections that combined pictorials with products in a way that was subtle but never dishonest. For example, a multi-page ad for Sony Bravia products was mostly photos of women using saturated primary colors – both the environments and women were painted to the same color to create a striking monochrome image. Only on the last page of the ad was there a promo for Sony, emphasizing the brilliant colors produced by the Sony displays. […]

By |April 9th, 2009|

Neuromarketing Debut in Slovenia

Well, the Slovenian Advertising Festival has drawn to a close, and I’ve finally got a few minutes to comment on the experience and share some of the things I learned in my few days in Portoroz. First, my Neuromarketing keynote, or “lecture” as seems to be the local translation, went just fine. I was a bit concerned about the language issue – 95% of the conference was in Slovenian, with only a few English segments. It seemed that language wasn’t as big a barrier as I feared. My segment was well attended, almost all hands went up when I asked who spoke English, and when I said something funny the audience laughed. (That doesn’t always happen even with native English-speaking audiences!) Still, I wondered if for this presentatation I should have broken one of the PowerPoint maxims and actually added MORE text to my slides. I speak a bit of Spanish, and I can often comprehend Spanish text better than rapidly spoken words. […]

By |March 30th, 2009|