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roger dooley on cnbc
Earlier this week, CNBC’s Closing Bell invited me on for a quick segment about shopper fatigue. The hosts, Bill Griffeth and Sara Eisen, focused on consumers’ overloaded inboxes and the interplay between online commerce and brick and mortar stores.

Brainfluence got a nice graphic for a few seconds:
Brainfluence on CNBC

I brought up the issue of choice, and how too many choices can actually reduce the probability that we will make any decision at all.

The other guest, Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, brought up gender differences. He pointed out that men tend to be more transactional, and might prefer the simplicity of ecommerce, while women might place greater value on the in-store experience.

Here’s the version that CNBC posted on their site:

  1. Ameenah says

    I hate passing up a deal, but as much as I like being able to physically look at items like apparel, I’ll generally opt for online shopping during the holidays. Interesting article.

  2. Mollaro says

    Interesting debate. It can be quite stressful to take decision for consumers and their attention is shrinking in when consuming media. Companies have to try hard to draw consumers, but in the end all this overstimulation is affecting marketing’s effectiveness. New strategies must be developed in order to reverse the trend.

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