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Brain Ethics Blog Wants to Elevate Neuroscience Discussion


If you want to focus on the ethical issues involving neuroscience, check out this blog: BrainEthics – Consequences of Brain Science. Thomas Zo?ga Rams?y and Martin Skov write about neuroscience topics from an ethicist perspective. Here’s their mission statement:

Why brain ethics?
Research into the brain is changing our view of what it is to be a human being. Our knowledge of core human faculties such as language, social reasoning, aesthetics, and economics is challenged by this research, yielding multiple hard questions. Do we have a free will? Is the mind innate or plastic? Should we surgically or pharmacologically enhance our mental faculties? Can responsibility for crime be determined in a brain scanner? Are our old notions of “human nature” a thing of the past?

In this post, they encourage elevating the discussion of neuroscience around the world. (We’ll try to do our part! :))

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