Understanding the Consumer Mind – Conference

Suarez Applied Marketing Research Laboratories, University of Akron
The University of Akron is sponsoring an advanced marketing research conference on October 7, “Understanding the Consumer Mind.” It’s part of Akron’s Suarez Applied Marketing Research Laboratories. (I’m one of the neuromarketing speakers at this conference – if you attend, please say hello!) The agenda is quite diverse:

  • Dr. Michael Solomon, Director, Center for Consumer Research at Saint Joseph’s University – “Welcome to the Metaverse: B2C and B2B Applications of Virtual Worlds”
  • Gary Singer, Founding Partner and CEO of BUYOLOGY INC. – “Neuromarketing and Brand Valuation”
  • Lindsay Zaltman, Managing Director, Olson Zaltman Associates – “Methaphor Analysis & Mind Mapping”
  • Dr. Peter Rajsingh, Stern School of Business at New York University – “Emerging Markets and the Marketing and Branding of Luxury”
  • Roger Dooley, Dooley Direct – “Neuromarketing and The Future of Market Research”
  • Mark Miller, Senior Director, J.D. Power and Associates – “Automation: How the use of technology is impacting customer satisfaction and service quality”
  • Suarez Laboratories Neuromarketing Team – “The University of Akron Neuromarketing Initiative”

The conference runs for one day, and is a great bargain for anyone looking for a variety of insights into how consumers think and how marketers try to “read their minds.” (Full conference info here.) I’m looking forward to participating and also to learning more about the University of Akron’s new neuromarketing program – watch for more details here!


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Shilpa Nicodemus (@shilpanicodemus) 21. September 2011 at 9:03 am

Is there any chance any of it could be webcast?


Roger Dooley
Twitter: rogerdooley
21. September 2011 at 9:14 am

Good question, Shilpa. I don’t know the answer. I didn’t see any webcast info on the site, but that would be a great idea for the organizers.



Aman Basanti | Age of Marketing 21. September 2011 at 6:06 pm

Yeh a webcast would be awesome.


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