Brainfluence audio bookI love audio books. They make being stuck in traffic bearable. Lengthy road trips pass more quickly, not to mention workouts at the gym. So, I was delighted last week when Wiley let me know that the audio rights for Brainfluence had been sold. I was careful not to get TOO excited, as Portuguese and Spanish rights for the book have been sold but, as far as I know, the actual books haven’t appeared. So, I was REALLY surprised when a few hours after learning of the rights sale a reader told me he had just downloaded the audiobook version of Brainfluence!

It turns out that Brainfluence is now available at here. But, before you jump right over there, check out this cool back door that will save you at least a couple of bucks and maybe get you the audio book for free!

Amazon’s Back Door: Free Brainfluence and More!

As I was writing this post, I poked around a little and found a much better way to buy the same Brainfluence audio book. [Note: Amazon changes pricing frequently. Not every customer sees the same pricing, and buyers outside the U.S. may see entirely different offers. So, be warned what follows may not work…]

My first surprise was that while Audible has the Brainfluence audio book priced at $19.99, (who owns, lists it for $17.99 – a quick couple of bucks in savings. But the real deal is signing up for a free trial membership to Audible via Amazon – you get Brainfluence AND another audio book free, plus some other benefits:

Your Amazon-exclusive 30-day free trial membership includes:

  • This audiobook free, plus a bonus audiobook of your choice
  • 30% off any additional audiobooks you purchase
  • A free daily audio subscription to The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal

Sounds like a great deal to me, and, it seems, you can bail out of your 30 day free trial of before the trial ends and not owe a penny! Of course, you may like so much that you’ll stick around – I doubt if Amazon would make this offer if it didn’t convert a fair number of free trials into happy long-term customers. And remember, you have to go through to get the deal. Click here to see the Brainfluence audio book at Amazon. You can even listen to a sample of narrator Mark Ashby reading!

More disclaimers: This deal may have changed by the time you check it out. It may not work in your geographic area. And, I haven’t actually signed up for the trial to see exactly how it works. If you try it out, post a comment and let us know!

Want a hardcover copy of Brainfluence, or a Kindle or Nook version? Here are links for those:

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