Forbes.comNeuromarketing readers should check out my new blog on the CMO Network at, Brainy Marketing. The first post is kind of an introduction, Marketing: It Really IS Brain Surgery!

The content there will focus on creating marketing, advertising, and sales strategies to appeal directly to your customer’s brain. That’s much like Neuromarketing, but it won’t duplicate this blog. Some of the same general topics may appear in both places, but the treatment won’t ever be the same. Here, we may assume the reader has a bit more background in the neuromarketing field.

This is a fun opportunity to bring the concepts from this blog and my book, Brainfluence, to a diverse new audience. There’s a lot of great content at Forbes, and I encourage you to check it out. And, when you head over that way, be sure to post a comment on Brainy Marketing and let me know what you think!

Brainy Marketing

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