LibbooLibboo, a startup that aims to encourage book discovery and recommendation sharing between like-minded readers, is offering 10 free electronic copies of my book Brainfluence. This is a first-come, first-served deal, as far as I can tell. To score your copy, click here:
Libboo – Brainfluence

I met the Libboo folks at Wiley’s SXSW get-together, and they seem serious about books and book promotion. If you sign up, please leave a comment here to share your experience. Libboo is in the early launch phase, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they do. Feel free to post any suggestions for Libboo, too.

On the more general topic of book “buzz,” I’d greatly appreciate anyone who found Brainfluence helpful to leave a review at Amazon. The reviews have been very positive so far, but despite selling thousands of copies only a couple of dozen reviews have been posted. Big thanks to readers who took a few minutes to post theirs already!