Toronto’s Globe & Mail published a fairly lengthy story on neuromarketing, with a lot of discussion of Nielsen Co.’s acquisition of NeuroFocus. The story recounts an anecdote from the latter’s CEO, A. K. Pradeep:

Dr. Pradeep cites a study for a large financial services company, which he will not name. �We were given six ads to analyze,� he says. �I pulled out one ad and I said that this ad in our minds was the best possible ad. The chief marketing officer stopped me and said, �Pradeep, I just want you to know that through all the conventional testing we’ve done, the ad you picked out was rated the most mediocre among the entire bunch.�

Dr. Pradeep asks forgiveness of his language when he recounts that his response was, �Oh shit � I wondered if my life had come to a halt.�

After a dramatic pause, the CMO continued: �It’s funny, however, that the ad resulted in the greatest number of calls to the call centre.� [From the Globe & Mail - Advertising's Holy Grail by Jennifer Wells.]

(The first neuromarketing story content also seems to have been repurposed into another article by Wells, The Brain Guy wants to get inside your head: Are you paying attention? Are you engaged? Are you remembering what you see?. )