Consumer Neuroscience: Neuromarketing Rebranded?

No, I’m not rebranding my blog Neuromarketing. But, with my broad focus on an all-encompassing definition of neuromarketing, I may be part of what some perceive as a problem – a too-inclusive use of the term. The biggest firm in the neuromarketing space, Nielsen’s NeuroFocus unit, is trying to sharpen the distinction between research approaches that use direct brain activity measurements (NeuroFocus uses EEG) and those that use techniques like biometrics, facial coding, and behavior metrics. […]

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How Brain Science Turns Browsers into Buyers: SXSW Recap

If you were one of the many folks at SXSW who weren’t able to get into the room to view Sunday’s SXSW panel, How Brain Science Turns Browsers into Buyers, or if you weren’t at SXSW at all, here’s […]

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Turning Browsers into Buyers at SXSW

For South by Southwest 2012, we’ve put together a great panel of “brainy” experts for a session titled How Brain Science Turns Browsers Into Buyers. The group includes:


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Nielsen to Acquire NeuroFocus

Nielsen, the market research giant, will acquire the portion of neuromarketing firm NeuroFocus that it doesn’t already own, according to a report in MediaDailyNews. The move was apparently triggered by a bid for NeuroFocus from archrival WPP Group.

Nielsen […]

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Easier Neuromarketing Studies with Mynd

A key limitation of neuromarketing studies that employ brain scan technology has been convenience. fMRI, of course, presents major problems: ultra-costly equipment, a noisy and confined space, inability to move, etc. EEG, which uses external electrodes in […]

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Inside NeuroFocus

Somehow, one might expect the most prominent neuromarketing firm to have more ostentatious offices than a modest two-story building nestled in a mixed-use Berkeley, CA neighborhood. A skateboard park is across the street, and neighboring businesses include discount […]

By |February 7th, 2011|

“Neuromarketing IPO” a Success

OK, the headline is technically true but not very accurate. Nielsen Holdings, parent of investor in [corrected] neuromarketing firm NeuroFocus, raised $1.6 billion in an initial public offering on Wednesday. Not only was that 10% more than anticipated, […]

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Top Neuromarketing Posts of 2010

This is the time of year for “top” lists, and I thought I’d list the most popular Neuromarketing posts for 2010. This list isn’t my opinion of which are best, but rather is based purely on popularity. […]

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I’ve been hearing the invented word “brandwashing” for years now, but this combination of “branding” and “brainwashing” received new exposure when the New York Times suggested it as a synonym for neuromarketing. […]

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