Turning Browsers into Buyers at SXSW


Vote for Neuromarketing at SXSWFor South by Southwest 2012, we’ve put together a great panel of “brainy” experts for a session titled How Brain Science Turns Browsers Into Buyers. The group includes:

You Can Help!

Even with this exciting panel and topic, being approved will be a very competitive process. SXSW received over 4,000 proposals for a mere 500 slots. So, help us by voting for the panel: How Brain Science Turns Browsers Into Buyers.

For more info about the panelists, go to Neuromarketing Panel for SXSW 2012. We hope to see you in Austin next year!

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  1. David Brains says

    Voted! I might actually be in the states then. Will definitely drop by if so!

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