AdTech Goes Neuro


AdTechA company called Neurofocus is exhibiting at AdTech in San Francisco. The firm’s website seems to be devoid of content, but the AdTech exhibitor summary notes,

NeuroFocus is applying established neuroscience techniques to the quantitative analysis of advertising, marketing, and messaging. Using well-developed EEG measurement technologies, we can accurately measure the attention, emotional engagement, and retention given all types of message?print, video, and audio. These measurement methods are simple, non-invasive, and independent of language or culture.

I usually get to one or two AdTech conferences a year, and much of the focus is on Internet marketing; this is the first neuromarketing-related exhibitor I’ve seen. (Thanks to Via Chris Hoofnagle at the Electronic Privacy Information Center West Coast Office for spotting this.) It will be interesting to see if AdTech tries to bring neuroscience-based marketing into its fold; the shows have grown dramatically in attendance over the years, fueled mostly by the Internet marketing boom. (Ironically, when I checked, the link to Neurofocus from the AdTech site was broken due to a typo in the URL; even in high tech, some things never change.)

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