Beyond Neuromarketing: Brain Ads


Why spend money optimizing your conventional television commercials, print ads, etc., when you could beam your product messages directly into people’s brains telepathically? Brain Ads offers to transmit your message globally for free, but only if you make a $2,000 “donation.” According to the website, the advantages of these telepathic ads include:

  • reach more people than any conventional ad!
  • reach people on any time zone!
  • be in any language!
  • have a subliminal effect!
  • be more convincing with live testing!
  • be great for brand new products and services!

Another service offered is telepathic product demonstration – just send Brain Ads your new car model or appliance, and the experience of using the product will be sent directly into the brains of people worldwide.

This all sounds very appealing, but I’m slightly skeptical. As far as I can tell, despite the claims on the site, I’m not currently reading this person’s thoughts. I checked with several associates, who indicated they, too, were not aware of receiving telepathic broadcasts from the Brain Ads proprietor. Clearly, the global reach is not 100%. Of course, it’s always possible that when I have the urge, say, to stop at Starbucks, it’s not my own idea but rather that the coffee company has hired Brain Ads to beam that thought to me. In fact, last time I visited Starbucks, there was a line of customers waiting to order coffee. No doubt that’s evidence that Brain Ads has influenced not just me, but the poor drones in line ahead of me.

If any Neuromarketing reader signs up for this service, by all means let me know. I’ll watch my thoughts carefully for unexpected images of your product to pop up. Of course, if you tell me, then those images might pop up anyway… sort of like the impossible instruction, “Don’t think of a pink elephant.” Hmmm…

(Via Mind Hacks.)

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