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I’m happy to announce that the Hungarian translation of Brainfluence has been released by Invicta Books. Here’s the cover:

AZ AGYUKRA MEGYÜNK! - Brainfluence in Hungarian

Invicta’s description of the book (in Hungarian!) is here.

One of the challenges facing translators is that “Brainfluence™” is not a real word, but rather a composite of two English words. Trying to get the same play on words in another language may range from difficult to impossible.

The Hungarian title of the book is “AZ AGYUKRA MEGYÜNK!” According to Google, this means “Their Brains Work!”

This brings the total number of languages for Brainfluence to nine – the other translations are Spanish, Russian, Chinese (two translations), Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and German.

brainfluence translations

Have you encountered a copy of Brainfluence, either in English or translation, someplace you didn’t expect around the globe? Tweet a photo to @rogerdooley, I’ll share it!

  1. Balazs says

    Congrats on getting translated to Hungarian 🙂

    As a native let me translate the title (as Google has a hard time with English-Hungarian translation and vica versa).

    Word for word the title means: “we’re going to their mind”. You use this idiom when somebody repeats an idea (or something, eg an advertisement) ad nauseam and it really bothers you, it gets under your skin, it’s always on top of your mind (even if you don’t want to think about it).

    But (and this is why it’s a fantastic title) it’s also a wordplay. In this context (Brain, influence, neuromarketing etc) the title reads: “we’re aiming to their minds”, “we’re targeting their brains”.

    a Hungarian copywriter

    1. Roger Dooley says

      Thanks, Balazs! I assumed the literal Google version wasn’t quite on point! Much appreciated!

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