Brainfluence Podcast: Who Do YOU Want to Hear From?


Brainfluence Podcast - coming soon to an audio device near you!In a few weeks, we’ll be launching The Brainfluence Podcast. Each week, I’ll talk to an interesting person in the field of marketing, neuroscience, behavior/psychology, user experience, customer experience, behavioral economics, conversion optimization – pretty much any and all of the diverse topics we cover here at Neuromarketing.

So, this is important: Who would YOU like to see on our podcast guest list? I was going to seed this with a few suggestions, but rather than skew the responses I’ll let YOU come up with the ideas. Crowdsourcing at its best!

Who’s your dream guest? And what topics or specific questions would you bring up? Leave your thoughts in a comment!

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  1. Ross Arntson says

    Hmmm who would I like to hear from? Not a good question, a great question!!
    Robert Cialdini
    Seth Godin
    Dan Ariely
    Jamie Smart
    Richard Bandler
    John Grinder
    Dan Kennedy
    Dr. A.K. Pradeep
    Norman Doidge
    and of course Patrick Renvoise

    Hope this helps Roger.

    1. Roger Dooley says

      Great list, Ross – some of the usual suspects, but many that hadn’t occurred to me. I appreciate your taking the time to post!

  2. Andy says

    I would definitely be interested in the following:
    Dan Ariely,
    Daniel Kahneman,
    Richard Thaler,
    Robert Cialdini,
    Martin Lindstrom,
    Jonah Berger

  3. Victoria Moore says

    I’d love to hear from
    Guy Kawasaki
    Malcolm Gladwell
    Daniel Kahneman
    Patrick Renvoise
    and Martin Lindstrom

    So excited for these podcasts!

  4. Cornelius Stiegler says

    As a podcast is an audible medium, why not bring in some topics of the Corporate Sound world?

    I am biased I admit, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on some sound branding cases, music strategy, sound design in retail and trade fairs etc.
    The research on the effects of sound on the brain has also made some interesting progress in the last years. I’d be happy to provide some ideas, if wanted.

  5. Audrey says

    Malcolm Gladwell.

  6. Jason Rogers says

    Really enjoyed reading the article. I would like to hear from Guy himself.

  7. Imane Bouzidi says

    – Daniel Kahneman
    – Martin Lindstrom

    Looking very much forward to listening.

  8. Jim says

    how about David McCullough? A little outside of the neuromarketing realm, but a great (historical) storyteller nonetheless

  9. Priscila Mendoza says


    Awesome list I just would like to add:
    Don Norman
    Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D.

  10. Joseph Lawrence says

    I would love to hear from Ted Carrick.

  11. Aline says

    Hello, Roger!

    What do you think about a brazilian resercher?
    Do you know Marcelo Peruzzo from ipdois neurobusiness (

  12. Gary Starkman says

    Malcolm Gladwell
    Richard Thaler

  13. Myra Dodick says

    Most of my suggestions have already been used.
    How about Daniel Pink and Cass Sunstein.
    Honour of first choice goes to Daniel Kahneman (who is first on many other wish lists)!

  14. Deborah Owen says

    You should consider inviting John Assaraf. He’s all about understanding how the brain works, and he’s a marketing wizard.

  15. Adam Acquario says

    I think Robert Reich would have great insight on behavioral economics.

  16. Melissa says

    Idem about Danial Kahneman 🙂
    For other suggestions, maybe:
    Read Montague
    Adam Alter
    Erik du Plessis

  17. Jen says

    I’d love to hear from Adam Grant. In the world of CRO, Joanna Wiebe from Copyhackers is great.

  18. Sarah McKay says

    Delighted to hear about the podcast – I’m an avid listener (probably don’t need another to add to my listen-to list). Hooray!
    How about some brain bloggers – Jeremy Dean (Psyblog), Andre Tomlin (The Mental Elf), Neurobollocks & Neurobonkers (both anon – so that’ll be fun!), Mo Costandi, Vaughan Bell & Tom Stafford (Mindhacks), Scott Barry Kaufman,Deric Bownd (Mind Blog) …

    1. Roger Dooley says

      Great avenue to go down, Sarah, thanks!

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