“Brainfluence on the Web” at Pubcon


Neuromarketing & Brainfluence at Pubcon 2011
Image from Barry Schwartz & Search Engine Roundtable

Neuromarketing got some extra exposure at Pubcon, one of the biggest web marketing conferences, last week.  I gave a presentation titled Brainfluence on the Web that started with a quick introduction to Neuromarketing, including several “brain movies” which showed how neuromarketing firms analyzed commercials frame by frame.  I then shifted gears and covered a few brain-research-based techniques that companies and web developers of any size could apply.  My fellow presenter in this “spotlight” session was Derrick Wheeler, talking about Microsoft’s in-house SEO.  So, the audience was an interesting mix of web marketers, hard core SEOs, and other people curious about either Derrick’s topic or mine. Kudos to Brett Tabke & crew for scheduling this interesting session.

My very first copies of Brainfluence didn’t arrive in time for the spotlight preso, but I was able to give randomly picked session tweeters @dhdoxey (who doesn’t look much like his avatar) and @schachin (who looks like hers) copies the next day.

Blog Coverage

Neuromarketing Session

Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable provided live blogging with multiple photos in PubCon Live: Neuromarketing & Successful MEGA SEO Framework.

Jessica Lee of Bruce Clay, Inc., provided a nice summary, also with photos, in Neuromarketing + Mega SEO — PubCon Vegas.

Twetchup.com posted archived tweets for the session.

My other Pubcon sessions were panels on Community Building, one focused on mobile community use and the other on how to organize high quality user generated content (UGC). If you haven’t attended a Pubcon, consider it – it’s an amazing assemblage of serious marketing people and entrepreneurs. The education value is huge – this year, there were nine simultaneous tracks. (That made picking which to attend really difficult!)

Did you run across other coverage of this event, or were you there? Post a comment!

  1. Steve says

    Hi Roger!

    Neuro marketing is a novel concept for me. The concept surprised me a bit. The way consumers mind is being analyzed is tremendous. I would certainly like to know more about your presentation on “Brainfluence on the Web”. Is there a way you can help me?

    1. Roger Dooley says

      Pubcon doesn’t make videos, and distributes slide decks only to attendees, Steve. If I post my slides (would need some work due to embedded videos, etc.) I’ll put up a link here. Of course, there’s always the book Brainfluence, works out to 10 cents each per neuro-strategy (for US Kindle buyers)… 🙂


  2. John says

    Brain influence is used more and more to understand a customers perception of things. Do you have a video of the presentation that you gave? If yes, then please share it here.

    1. Roger Dooley says

      No video right now, John, but I’ll put a link here if I post my slide deck.


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