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Brainy ChristmasThe number of shopping days before Christmas is shrinking, but books – both electronic and paper – can still be ordered in time for either gift-giving or your own holiday reading. I’d love to personally sign every copy of Brainfluence, but with the Kindle and other e-versions, not to mention audiobooks, that’s impossible. Even signing hardcovers can be difficult what with shipping books around the country.

So, here’s my crazy idea:

If you buy a copy of Brainfluence before December 18, 2013, I’ll send a personal note to accompany the book. I will personally inscribe the note to whom you want, and of course it will be signed. Almost like a signed book! Maybe better, since I won’t be scribbling on your iPad or MP3 player with a Sharpie! Here’s what you need to do:

Forward or attach a copy of the electronic purchase receipt (a scan of a paper receipt is fine, too) for Brainfluence to: and, in the email, please include the following info:

  • The word “Brainfluence” in the email subject (to be sure it doesn’t get lost or spam-flagged).
  • Name of the recipient (you or your giftee).
  • For U.S. addresses: Complete mailing address, including zip code. (This is your address if you will deliver it. Otherwise, I’ll mail it to the gift recipient directly.)
  • For places outside the U.S.: The recipient’s email address (a digital scan of the note will be sent, not the physical paper note).
  • [Optional] A few words about the recipient – “creates travel websites,” “starting a new ad agency,” or “CMO for Victoria’s Secret,” for example. If I can, I’ll work something relevant into the note. No guarantees.

If you already did your Christmas shopping and did pick up Brainfluence for yourself or someone else, don’t worry – any receipt from the start of the shopping season, U.S. Thanksgiving (November 22, 2012) is fine. Fine print: offer subject to change if I’ve done something really dumb or illegal here. 🙂

Need to buy Brainfluence? You can check with your local bookstore, or use one of these links:

Buy Brainfluence at Amazon   Buy Brainfluence at Barnes & Noble Buy Brainfluence at Books-a-Million

Download Brainfluence Now



Other Gift Ideas:

Know someone who wants to write a book? I just finished APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch. (My review. )It’s a step-by-step guide to every aspect of writing and publishing a book.

I predict that many would-be authors will be encouraged and empowered by APE, and that a year from now will be able to tack “author” onto their credentials. It’s packed with links to hundreds of useful resources for the aspiring self-publisher.

Kindle Link: APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book

For the brain & behavior buff. This isn’t a marketing book, but Nobelist Daniel Kahneman has filled Thinking Fast and Slow with lots of insight into human behavior.

Despite Kahneman’s impressive academic credentials, Thinking Fast and Slow is a very readable book, and will stay on the shelf of anyone who enjoys brainy topics.

Amazon Link: Thinking, Fast and Slow
Kindle Link: Thinking, Fast and Slow


Need more ideas? Here are books I’ve reviewed: Neuro & Marketing Book Reviews

Best holiday wishes to Neuromarketing readers worldwide!

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