Buyology: Prime Time Neuromarketing


According to author, brand guru, and Neuromarketing reader Martin Lindstrom, the CBS news show 60 Minutes will air an exclusive interview on tonight’s show in which he will reveal some of the startling findings in his new book Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy. However, the current lineup shown on the CBS site doesn’t indicate a neuromarketing segment. I plan to DVR it just in case.

There is supposed to be a similar segment on the NBC Today Show tomorrow morning.

Watch here for a review as soon as the embargo is lifted, and some posts on specific Buyology content to follow. There’s some great stuff in Buyology, and it’s entertaining as well as informative. In short, Buyology will be a no-questions, must-have addition to every marketer’s bookshelf! Lindstrom’s book may even prove to be a key element in neuromarketing turning the corner and gaining more widespread acceptance.

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