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Could this be the last of my picks for the year? Don’t miss out on some great new content…

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Here’s another smart guest article that shows how making small changes in your copy can make that copy more relevant to your customer. More relevant and impactful copy means higher conversion rates. Jennifer Havice (@jenhavice) is guestposting today to give us 3 Ways to Convert Your Visitors with Targeted Copy.

they-adWhat first attracted me to this story was the unusual name of the failed Dutch ad agency They. But when the founder of the firm bemoaned the increasing emphasis on business results vs. creativity, I knew I had to write about it. In They Is Gone, But Creativity Isn’t, I suggest a different definition of creativity.

We all know about banner blindness – ads that are displayed but ignored. Mediabrix (@mediabrix) thinks it has a novel approach to high-impact branding ads that won’t get ignored and will produce a positive, lasting brand impression. Read MediaBrix Brings Sound And Haptics To In-App Mobile Branding Ads to learn more. [Disclosure: I am an advisor.]

The holidays are always crazy-busy, so if you missed last week’s roundup catch it here: Dan Pink Persuasion, Tom Peters Wisdom, More – Roger’s Picks. Highlights include how social psychology came to prime-time TV, getting free access to IBM’s Watson, and lots more.

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Harvard and Stanford researchers teamed up to investigate how seeing a product first vs. a price first affected consumer perceptions. Carmen Nobel (@carmennobel) of Working Knowledge (@HBSWK) describes the work, which used fMRI, in Neuromarketing: Brain Scans Shed Light On How To Sell Bargains. The insights don’t provide a lot of actionable business advice, but here’s the real news: two of the most esteemed research institutions in the world are studying neuromarketing. This kind of effort will go a long way to dispelling any lingering taint of pseudoscience in the field.

This is the time of year when pundits tell us what’s coming in the new year and what we should be doing about it. Robert Passikoff (@BrandKeysNY) gives us some thought-provoking advice in Brand And Marketing Trends for 2015.

By now, most marketers understand the concept of social proof. Sometimes, though, finding a good way to employ that persuasion principle in your own marketing is elusive. Smart Insights (@SmartInsights) gives us an illustrated guide to the topic in How to use Social Proof to boost conversions and leads.

We know that prices are important, but the way our customers view prices isn’t always logical or rational. Sometimes, a product or pricing strategy that doesn’t seem to make sense can actually increase sales. Read Louise Lee‘s The secret influence prices have on your shopping for some interesting product pricing insights.

Chances are you have some kind of a content marketing effort going on, whether you are a big brand or a solopreneur. If you want to be inspired for the coming year, Randy Nelson breaks down the Movoto Content Strategy and the remarkable results. The key lesson in How A Real Estate Blog Went From 2,000 To 18,000,000 Visits Per Month In Two Years is that even a niche site can achieve dazzling gains.

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