Most Overlooked: What Forbes Readers Missed


ForbesHere’s my last summary post for 2013, and for Neuromarketing readers it may be the most useful of all… My Brainy Marketing column at has a strange characteristic – the viewership of each article varies tremendously. My top post of 2013, Starbucks: Loyalty Program Misfire, is closing in on 100,000 views. Other posts, though, generate just a few hundred. These minimally-viewed posts aren’t bad; sometimes, in my own biased opinion, they have some great business takeaways.

In my Best of Neuromarketing compilation for 2013, I credited my readers here (that’s YOU!) with being discerning enough to serve as judge and jury. But when it comes to my pieces at Forbes I have to agree with Seth Godin, who wrote a few days ago:

seths-headMy most popular blog posts this year
…weren’t my best ones.

As usual, the most popular music wasn’t the best recorded this year either. Same for the highest-grossing movies, restaurants and politicians doing fundraising.

“Best” is rarely the same as “popular.”

Seth turned that into a lesson about not always letting your work be dictated by the market’s judgment of its worth. (That may be good advice for a writer, but if you are making products the market IS the ultimate judge. Being right isn’t worth much if you go out of business!)

In any case, here are a few of my favorite posts at Forbes that were mostly undiscovered there:

Your Claim + Math = Credibility!
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Coupons: Better Than Kissing
Can Chewing Cause Brand Amnesia?
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When Confidence Trumps Competence
Why The Boss Cheats And Steals
Painful Payments: Your Brain On Airline Fees
McHarvard: The Future of College Brands?
How to Sell Like Shakespeare
Got Reviews? If Not, You’re Doomed!

Is there one you find particularly useful or relevant? One you think I should expand on here? Please leave a comment! Best wishes for a great (and brainy!) New Year!

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