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Here’s the new book trailer video for FRICTION – I would love to hear your thoughts! If you haven’t read the book yet, do the goggles make sense? Or at least, not confuse you? Is the energy level good? Does it make you want to read the book (if you haven’t)? Reply in a comment, or ping me on Twitter.

Check out FRICTION: The Movie. Actually, it's the video trailer for Roger Dooley's new book! Share on X
In thinking about the content for a short video, I tried to strike a balance between connecting all the friction dots from the book (including personal habit formation and national/regional success) and simplicity. So, I opted to focus on the two major parts of the book, customer and employee experience. Hope you like it, and I look forward to hearing from you! Don’t have the book yet? Here’s my book page, or take the frictionless path at Amazon!

  1. Matthew Theis says

    Well done Roger. Yes, your video makes me want to read the book! Good luck on your launch!

    1. Roger Dooley says

      Thanks, Matthew!

      1. Larry Warkoczeski says

        Great video. Some content is not on the screen long enough to see in its entirety during the first half. Intentional? Otherwise, I like it and get the symbols used.

        1. Roger Dooley says

          Thanks, Larry. I think the filmmaker’s intention was to convey the emotional impact of some of the data points vs. providing time for thoughtful reflection. I hope they were on the screen long enough to at least make an impression!

  2. D Eason says

    The visuals and content are very attention-grabbing. Another music choice may keep viewers engaged for entirety of video (I had to cut out early because of the music.)

    1. Roger Dooley says

      Thanks, D Eason – what was it about the music that caused you to tune out (if you know and can express it)?

  3. andy says

    I guess I did not understand what the goggles were for. Are those Scott of there Antarctic era goggles? and if so, why?

    Perhaps overthinking it here but it took me a while to understand that the crosshairs/ target sign was a process of finding friction and then eliminating it. The crosshairs do not seem related to the goggles, I mean they do not evolve naturally from those goggles (do goggles ever have crosshairs?). The crosshairs look like what you might see if looking at the world from a submarine periscope.

    1. Roger Dooley says

      The goggles are based on the book’s introduction – in a fable (don’t worry, the rest of the book is more business-y!), they enable the wearers to see friction they didn’t notice before. Most viewers haven’t read the book, so I understand your concern. The crosshairs are a sort of visual metaphor showing how they focus on friction. They also relate to my #FrictionHunter concept. Too many metaphors?
      Thanks for your helpful input, Andy!

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