Funny Hypnotic Ads


It’s hard to say exactly what the creators of this ersatz Coke commercial were aiming for, but it seems like something that Neuromarketing readers would find amusing:

Here’s another hypnotic soft drink ad:

And one slightly NSFW Coke commercial with another hypnotic theme:

  1. Pedro says

    Just translating the last one: The girls start talking about a common friend of their who threw a fit at her boyfriend, when the guy stops listening. When he recovers his senses, they ask him “what do you think about it?”, and he answers “fake boobs! they’re certainly fake boobs!”.

  2. John says

    No more talk of subliminal messages in Coke advertising.
    Take that elephant and place it in the middle of the room, cover it with tinsel and hang fairy lights from its ears.
    Even made me want a Coke – must have been the way they said, ‘Quen-n-nnn-nch.”

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