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Brain ListenHow would you like to do a mind-meld with some of the world’s top experts in psychology, persuasion, marketing, neuroscience and more? For free? I’ve got exciting news for my Neuromarketing readers!

We’re still working on the mind-meld technology, but the next-best thing is available today: The Brainfluence Podcast.

Every week, we’ll talk with experts from around the world and deliver them straight into your earbuds via iTunes (or the podcast player of your choice). Each show runs a convenient 30 minutes or so – perfect for listening while you commute, work out, or just take a relaxing break.

We’ve got great guests right out of the gate:

Nathalie NahaiNathalie Nahai – Author of Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion. Nathalie is fun and informative, full of actionable advice. Do you know what the peculiar difference is between France and the rest of the world when it comes to image preferences? Listen to my chat with Nathalie, straight from the UK: Ep #1: Web Psychology and Online Persuasion with Nathalie Nahai.

Hooked by Nir EyalNir Eyal – Author of the best-selling Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products. Did you ever wonder why one app goes viral and ends up making its developers billions, while dozens of apparently similar apps get little traction? Nir breaks down the process of habit forming websites, apps, software, and other products and reveals the formula for making products not just good but addictive: Ep #2: The Psychology of Habit-Forming Technologies with Nir Eyal

In the next week or two, we’ll have new interviews with:
Steven Kotler – Expert on the mental state known as “flow”
Gini Dietrich – Author of Spin Sucks and marketing communications pro
Carl Marci – An MD and researcher who’s also CEO of one of the top neuromarketing firms in the world

When was the last time I asked you for anything? Hmm, that would be “never.” I truly appreciate my readers and subscribers, so I don’t pressure you to join expensive programs or buy affiliate products that I may or may not believe in.

All my content – Neuromarketing, Brainy Marketing at Forbes, and now The Brainfluence Podcast, is free with no strings attached.

brainfluence-podcastNow, I’m going to ask you for a favor. To get The Brainfluence Podcast off to a good start, please subscribe now (before you get distracted!) via iTunesStitcher or by RSS. (Note: the iTunes link will attempt to open iTunes on your device – if you have a problem, please check this video.) And, please help improve the show by leaving a rating & review in iTunes (here’s how).

If the iTunes link is problematic on your device, here’s a web link to The Brainfluence Podcast at iTunes.

Your subscriptions, rating, and review will help the podcast be discovered by others and will make it even more attractive to the top flight guests you want to hear!

So, if you have enjoyed my posts, please take a moment to help me with this new podcast by subscribing and rating it. I promise to keep the good stuff coming.

And, if you haven’t already left me a suggestion for what guests you’d like on the show, please leave a comment with your ideas. I read them all! And if you have any technical issues, please comment as well – I’ll update this post with any changes.)

Thanks for your help – keep watching for more ways to improve your business from the world’s top experts!

  1. Gary Starkman says

    This is gonna be a great podcast, good job Roger.

    1. Roger Dooley says

      Thanks, Gary, it will get even better!

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