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Brainfluence in JapaneseAfter noticing a sharp uptick in Japan-based subscribers to Neuromarketing, I did a little online sleuthing and found that the long-awaited Japanese version of Brainfluence is now being listed by Amazon.jp and other booksellers.

The title of the Japanese translation is,


Which translates to English, roughly as,

Psychology of Brain Science Technology Marketing 100

I don’t know if that wording is an artifact of Google Translate or if the intention was to replicate the “100” from the original title but repurpose it in a different context, sort of like “Neuromarketing 101” might be used in English to designate an introduction.

Japanese Brainfluence 2nd CoverThe cover seems a bit muted, but perhaps that’s a cultural thing. My other Asian covers, Chinese and Korean, are far more color-intense. (Cover decisions are made solely by the local publisher – neither I nor Wiley have any input.) An Amazon customer posted a second cover image that’s a different color. I wasn’t able to determine if that’s a different format (e.g., audio), or perhaps an updated version of the paperback cover.

It’s always fun to see how my name translates, and in Japanese I’m ?????????? – phonetically, apparently, Roj? Do~?r?.

If any of my new (or old) Japanese readers can comment on the multiple covers, please leave a comment. And, if you have actually obtained a copy, please let us know about the translation and, of course, whether you found the content useful!

Spanish Mystery. Despite the high level of interest in neuromarketing in both Latin America and Spain, no publisher has yet obtained the Spanish rights for Brainfluence from Wiley. If you know of a publisher that might be interested, please contact me or introduce us and I’ll connect them with the right people at Wiley.

Here’s the Amazon.jp link for Brainfluence. Oddly, at the moment they seem to link only to a couple of affiliated booksellers.

If you find the book, please post a comment about your experience!

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