1. Yuki Chow says

    Hahaha, I adore the simply mind tricks! Personally, the strawberry one has worked on me multiple times. Have you read his book, buy.ology? It didn’t receive great reviews on amazon. I’m little hesitant to spend another $15 on something that points out the obvious.

  2. Roger Dooley says

    Thanks for stopping by, Yuki, my comments on Buyology are here: https://www.neurosciencemarketing.com/blog/articles/buyology-by-martin-lindstrom.htm

    That book gets into quite a bit of research findings from brain studies vs. the kind of simple experiments described in the video. A useful read if you are interested in neuromarketing, though it is not packed with “news you can use” on every page.


  3. Susan Weinschenk says

    It must be a challenge to summarize a whole book in a 5 minute segment for the Today Show! I cover similar research in my latest book, but applied to designing web sites.

  4. Nick says

    Save your money on Buy.Ology, get it from the library or the $1 bin.

    Buy.Ology may be important because of the water-cooler or rather ‘Trivial Persuit’ value.

    Is this harsh? Depends on how you value your time.

    When I sell something I always ask how will it help compress the processes or process time of the buyers. This works even if the buyers want to feel good as hopefully what I provide will make them feel good faster.

    What does Buy.Ology do for you?


  5. Aaron Klimchuk says

    I remember learning about marketing tricks like these YEARS ago in middle school home ec. class. Companies have been using the same psychological ideas for years to get consumers to buy more.

    I do find the newer ones quite interesting though. Who knew stores were using scents these days? What’s next, B.O. spray in gyms…

  6. Denny Sugar says

    I noticed that you can smell your way to Hollister, Abercrombie, Aveda, and Tommy Bahamas before you actually see them. So beyond grass, I would also say that ‘smell branding” is also in full swing.

  7. Richard says

    Subconsciously I think you already know but never question these types of thing! But very interesting I want to know more

  8. Angela says

    I am actually in the middle of reading the book and think it is fascinating. However, I got it from the library, but am still thinking about buying it. I am in the marketing field of work so it has a little more value to me than to someone who just wants an interesting read. But whether you are a marketing or just an interested reader, you should definitely pick up the book, it will have you looking at things a little differently!

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