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MiniTrends 2012
Next month in my home base of Austin, there’s going to be a fascinating conference organized by my friends at Technology Futures: “MiniTrends 2012: A Conference on Translating Emerging Trends into Business Opportunities,” Oct 17-18, at the downtown Omni Hotel.

Here’s the concept: while megatrends like social media or the emergence of mobile as the biggest platform for interaction are important, small and large businesses with an entrepreneurial orientation can profit from minitrends, too. These are emerging trends that will soon become important, but are not yet widely recognized. (Hooked already? Discount code below offers extra savings!)

To provide insights into what these minitrends will be, TFI has assembled an all-star panel of twenty business leaders and forward thinkers to address and interact with attendees. They will identify what future trends and convergences they see on the horizon and, of equal importance, how you can identify profitable emerging trends of your own.

Here’s what TFI says about MiniTrends 2012:

If you are an entrepreneur, decision maker, innovative thinker, investor, and/or job seeker, this conference offers you an opportunity to learn and network with others, while finding strategies and insights to create or grow your own organization or find new avenues for your job skills. Achieving and sustaining success in the current environment of unprecedented marketplace innovation means being constantly alert to new and exciting MiniTrends that provide business and technological opportunities.

This inaugural event not only provides information, ideas, and insights to participants for discovering, analyzing, and profiting from minitrends, it also promotes the special attractiveness of the Austin area to the entrepreneurial and innovative community throughout the country and the world. Please spread the word to make it a success so we can continue to have this innovative event every year.

Highlights of the conference include Dr. John Vanston, Chairman, Technology Futures, Inc. and author of the “MINITRENDS” book showing how to use MiniTrends to succeed in the “Age of Imagination”; High-tech trailblazer Byron Reese, CIO at Demand Media, assuring us that emerging trends will bring a more perfect world and a coming “Golden Age Age of Humanity”; Entrepreneur Andy Fish discussing how he started his new venture, Formula Austin LLC, and how it’s taking Austin by storm by plugging visitors into Austin’s scene during the U.S. Formula One Grand Prix; and Lani Rosales, popular blogger and COO of hit online magazine sharing trends that offer great opportunities in the business and social media arenas. Host company, Technology Futures, Inc., is based in Austin and has been a leader in forecasting for 34 years.

Venue. I’ll admit to being biased, but Austin is an ideal location for this conference. It’s got high tech, an amazing university, abundant venture capital, and a very entrepreneurial attitude. And, if you’ve never been to downtown Austin, it’s got a phenomenal collection of dining and drinking establishments, from haute cuisine to authentic Texas barbecue, and from sophisticated bars to old-fashioned honky-tonks. There’s a reason Austin calls itself the “live music capital of the world!”

The conference hotel is outstanding, too. When I spoke at SXSW this spring, our panel was at the Omni – it’s a gorgeous property and close to the downtown action.

Act Fast, Save Big

Even the regular price of $495 is a steal for this conference, but here’s you can save a bundle. Early Registration is $395 until Oct. 3, and, if you use the $100 discount code 2012DRZ before that date you pay only $295. That’s a lot of top quality strategy for an amazingly low price.

Go here for info:

MiniTrends 2012
Use Discount Code 2012DRZ to save an extra $100

(Enter the code BEFORE you click “Register” – immediately above the big green “Register” button!)

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