Neurodesign Agency on Acquisition Binge


laga_logoA story at, LAGA’s neurodesign focus brings potential buyouts, says that Cincinnati-based design firm LAGA has acquired the New York agency One80 Design, and is in talks to buy as many as three other companies. According to the article, LAGA is focused on the psychological reasons why people buy certain products:

It’s called neurodesign, measuring the brain’s response to certain stimuli to see what drives people’s choice to buy Coca-Cola, Tide or a Volkswagen. LAGA one year ago committed $250,000 to studying this somewhat controversial field and it has not let up. These days, LAGA — Lipson Alport Glass & Associates — is involved in a global research program involving 2,000 people, eight corporations and one of the biggest names in branding, Martin Lindstrom.

Oddly, the LAGA website is devoid of all content except for a little animation announcing the aforementioned acquisition.

With the sketchy information in the article and LAGA’s empty website, it’s hard to determine whether they have the potential to be a serious neuromarketing player or if this is mostly PR. Time will tell.

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  1. Sara Misell says

    Wow – we’ve been doing neurodesign all this time and we never even called it that!

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