Neuromarketing, Big Brother, and SXSW


If you are headed to South by Southwest, aka SXSW, in Austin later this week, be sure to check out the session “Big Brother in Your Brain: Neuroscience and Marketing.” Organized by Eric Kogelschatz, the panel will feature:

Gary Koepke, Modernista!
Eric Kogelschatz, shark&minnow
Dr AK Pradeep, NeuroFocus Inc
Dr Danielle Stolzenberg, Ph. D., University of Virginia
Roger Dooley, Hobsons (yours truly)

I’ll grant you that the title may be a bit sensational, but I’m sure with this group it will be a lively session. The session will be on Saturday, March 13, at 11:00 AM in the Hilton, Room F. See you there!

I’m looking forward to connecting with Neuromarketing readers at SXSW. Even if you don’t catch the Big Brother session, be sure to ping me!

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