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Want to win a signed copy of my new book, Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing? I thought we could have a little fun while we’re waiting for the results of the Super Bowl neuromarketing studies to roll in. Read on…

Neuromarketing scares some people, even though the techniques used by neuromarketing companies are totally noninvasive. Still, it’s understandable that images like the one below might give a skittish neuro-study subject a bit of a pause.

EEG preparation
What's YOUR caption?

The real story: This is actually a photo of gel injection prior to collecting EEG data. (Performed properly, this doesn’t involve actually penetrating the skull!) There’s ongoing discussion about the use of “wet” vs. “dry” EEG setups in the neuromarketing industry. Systems that use gel to improve contact between the electrode and scalp are generally thought to provide higher quality data, but the use of messy gels is a major inconvenience for the subjects. Firms that use dry contacts feel that the data collected is still suitable for their purposes, and they can usually employ larger sample sizes in their testing.

The injection system shown in the photo is from Sensorium, Inc., a provider of EEG testing equipment. They say the system cuts electrode preparation time in half. I’m hoping they have a sense of humor, because I want you to provide your best caption suggestion in the comments. Don’t let the facts get in the way of your creativity! As noted above, I’ll pick one caption and send the author a signed copy of Brainfluence! So, put on your thinking cap (or EEG cap, if it helps), and post a caption or two below!

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