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Last week I did an interview with Robin Young of Here & Now, a radio show distributed by Public Radio International and aired on about 50 U.S. stations. The topic was the use of neuromarketing to evaluate political ads, and also featured Dr. Stephen Sands of Sands Research discussing the firm’s EEG analysis of TV commercials for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain. The neuromarketing segment of the show is now available for download at the links below.

The Here & Now archive page for that day is here – the segment on neuromarketing is listed partway down the page as “Ads on the Brain.” To play the segment directly, follow this link (RealMedia). (Sorry that the audio quality on my end is less than perfect – the local NPR affiliate couldn’t make a studio available and the interview was done by phone.)

Overall, I thought the piece turned out well – there were no hyperbolic claims declaring ads winners and losers, nor was there any strident neuro-alarmism. I think a listener new to the concept of neuromarketing would have heard a brief but balanced introduction to the idea. If you listen, let me know what you think.

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